Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st October 1991

EPA Draft Policy

C. King volunteered to read the draft document and respond by the due date, 30-10-91.

Bradshaw Park

The firm BIOSIS will conduct an environmental audit on Bradshaw Park. C. King will investigate the ownership of the park to see if it is possible to register it under the terms of the National Estate
David Digby and David Bainbridge conducted a walk along the foreshore with the Friends of Bradshaw park to inspect the plantings at Mordialloc.

Parkdale Foreshore Erosion Control

Concern at the extent of bulldozing and grading on the fore- shore. This has meant the destruction of much vegetation. The graded areas slope towards the clifftop thereby encouraging water to run down the newly planted areas causing still more erosion. Beach re-nourishment will be essential if wave action is to be prevented from undercutting the work already completed. League to write to the Port of Melbourne Authority to request sand pumping onto Parkdale beach. Removal of vegetation may also destroy indigenous species.

Pier Road Car Park

The M.B.C.L. was one of five objectors to Council’s proposal for the Pier Road car park. The plan reduced by half the number of parking spaces and proposed to “beautify” the area with trees and planter boxes. The lighting was originally to be similar to the lights along the promenade. Following consultation Council agreed to some modification to the plan and this will help to preserve the essentially boating/fishing character of the creek environs.

Mordialloc Creek DVA Report Revegetation

J. Cuthbertson reported that the DVA report was unsatisfactory and will have to be re-written. The City Engineer has asked David Digby to draw up plans for the planting of two sections of the creek park. The DVA has offered to assist with some of the ground work.

Braeside Park

The Advisory Committee and Friends of Braeside will run the plant nursery.

Meeting Closed: 10.30pm

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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