Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd November 2011

Sincere Thank You

To four councillors who supported Cr West’s amendment to commence Kingston’s section of the Bay Trail at Charman Road back of kerb as far as Munday Street. A promising beginning to a sensible solution to the Bay Trail in 2012.


To NRA staff who have held the line and achieved a compromise over trees on the foreshore after a spate of tree attacks at Bonbeach with people trying to better beach views. Council officers will notify residents three weeks before any proposed plantings and will have on-site meetings to work out locations for tall trees to find a balance between views and environmental improvements. Well done, NRA!

To Nina for initiating a campaign to save Mordialloc Masonic Hall for future community use rather than demolition or conversion to units. This is one of Mordialloc’s last remaining heritage buildings and will be well used by community groups such as U3A, art. groups.

To to Mara and Joan E. for prizes, sales and commendations for paintings completed during 2011. Very clever ladies!

To KRAMMED president for spotting an anomaly in the Kingston Planning Policy Review which MAY have resulted in the removal of a section of the two storey height limit along Kingston’s 13 kms of foreshore. A meeting with planners and CEO has resolved this significant issue. Thanks to all involved.

The Collins Report

Soil testing at Yammerbook has confirmed the presence of acid-sulphate soils in the area formerly Carrum Carrum swamp.

Living Links. After some delay the CMA is meeting with key industries to discuss the next stages for the master plan.

Tree Removal along the Long Beach Trail was necessary because of roots blocking drains. Melbourne Water will commence replanting between Aspendale and Edithvale Road. Opportunity for community to become involved.

Planting day at Chicquita Park September 24th Focus now on lawn area.

Interviews for Tree Establishment Supervisor have concluded and successful person should now be toiling away.

Playground at Heatherton Park is due for an upgrade and council has won an award for Bicentennial Park playground.

Friends of Bradshaw Bushland Reserve

Annual outing was to Lower Saltwater Creek, Frankston. The Friends are in the process of formally changing the name of the reserve from Bradshaw Park to Bradshaw Bushland Reserve.

Green Wedge

Cr West reported on attending a Planning on the edge conference where the emphasis is to protect agricultural land on the edge of major cities. Funding to purchase farmland for inclusion in green wedges has been possible in Queensland which has a Farmland Trust using superannuation funds for long term investment. Brian Tee, Leader of Labor Opposition, met with members of the South East Green Wedge Coalition and toured Kingston’s Green wedge land.

Mordialloc Creek Reference Group

consisting of boat owners and builders, sailing club members, MBCL members, councillors and staff. Peter Bain, Manager Infrastructure, explained that Mordialloc Creek is not considered a boat harbour and therefore does not come under the Port of Melbourne Authority as far as rules and conditions applying to boat harbours and boat maintenance. Therefore there are five or six authorities that must be consulted/informed when requesting work carried out in Mordialloc Creek. Flooding and drainage issues were also explained because of the impact on the creek and environs upstream.Dredging around the island now appears to be proceeding satisfactorily. There was some concern about the recent sub-sub leasing of VicTrak land behind and beside Pompei’s boat building shed. The matter rests with solicitors at present.

Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water is intending to offer sewage sludge (bio-solids) from the Eastern Treatment Plant for sale and/or use in agriculture claiming that the public is now not so wary of use of this material possibly containing trade waste. While sewage sludge is used on farms in Europe their sewage works don’t accept trade waste unlike the ETP whose biosolids were found to contain dioxin when it was dumped in the borrow pit at Braeside. The EPA guidelines 2009 give approval for use although they stress the need for monitoring and warn not to locate biosolids close to water ways! Three drains pass over and alongside the Braeside borrow pit which contains 146, 000 cubic metres of sewage sludge. Whose is monitoring?

Natural Resource Area Vegetation Report

Tony very kindly presented MBCL with two copies of this document at our last meeting and they are available for members to borrow. Also available for borrowing- a copy of City of Kingston Stormwater Quality Management Plan.

Marina Beaumaris Bay

Port Phillip Conservation Council warns that the Environment Effect Statement (EES) could be placed on display maybe around 23rd December judging by previous experience when the Government wants to avoid close public scrutiny. Should this massive marina go ahead it will have devastating consequences for Beaumaris Bay and especially Mentone Beach. Perhaps it is too early to consider renourishing that beach when the marina may effect sand erosion to an even greater extent. Well, folk, this is it for another year. Hearty thanks for continuing support for our environment!.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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