Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th September 2018

Dent’s Paddock

Following a Panel Hearing at Kingston Council the Minister for Planning has approved a stay of vegetation removal on the site until January 2019. Some excellent presentations were made by MBCL members and especially a local resident whose family originally owned the land when he was a boy. He was able to give an account of the original vegetation on the site.

Regent’s Park

One brave resident was prepared to go to VCAT on his own in an attempt to prevent this Memorial indigenous garden being destroyed to make way for two netball courts. Some MBCL members felt so strongly about this issue that it was decided to give support. VCAT has permitted a number of people to be joined with the original appellant and will be allowed to speak at the forthcoming VCAT Hearing.

Bay Trail

Still awaiting the result of the VCAT hearing initiated by opposition parties to the Council approved plan for the bike path.

Pompei Heritage Listing

Concerned residents discussed the possibility of having this site nominated for a local heritage overlay if a Victorian Heritage listing is not possible. A consultant has made an informal inspection of the site and has suggested that the entire Mordialloc Creek from the mouth to rail bridge be listed because of the historical significance of both the Aboriginal and European use of the creek for boating and fishing

Transport Freeway Forum at Chelsea

VicRoads personnel were present to answer searching questions concerning the freeways impact on both the Green Wedge and Edithvale Seaford Wetlands. Traffic noise from the freeway for 24 hours will distress Waterways residents and spoil the peace and quiet of Braeside Park wetlands.

RAMF met at Dingley Committee Centre. Those present agreed that more publicity was required to inform people about threats to flora and fauna from traffic A walk was organised for day or night to check on bird and animals in Braeside Park. Many birds noted around Mordialloc Creek recently

Beaumaris Fossil Site

There is relief that the expansion of the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron is not going ahead and that Heritage listing of the site is now a strong possibility. It may also be possible for the fossicking personnel to share some of the facilities on the site in future.

Aspendale Gardens Sports Ovals

A report that two sports ovals behind the Aspendale Primary School are planned. There will also be car parking and flood lighting south of Yammerbook Reserve along Centre Swamp Drain

Parkdale Library

TREES HAVE BEEN CUT DOWN at Parkdale Library prior to expansion of the Library. Sadly more victims of development.

Review of Kingston Biodiversity Strategy

To the list of Kingston’s Parks and Reserves should be added Regent’s Park Memorial Garden (in memory of Jack Cuthertson), Groves Reserve, Watkins Reserve Edithvale, Peter Scullin Reserve. Submitters strongly support planting indigenous species in preference to non-indig. when revegetation is required in streets, parks and reserves.

Foreshore Erosion and Drainage

Watkins Foreshore Reserve was the venue for a report by Alan West, Kingston’s Drainage expert recently. The drain between Nepean Highway and the foreshore was constructed beneath what is now an indigenous garden. The drain is functioning well apparently. A sandbag wall to the right of the drain outlet is preventing erosion of the sand dune. Guaranteed to last for five decades despite the severe storm surges occurring on the most vulnerable eastern side of Port Phillip Bay

Westernport Bay

Westernport Bay will become the berth of a permanently moored vessel containing gas brought from overseas, and unloaded at Westernport to supply Victorians. Residents are not happy at this use of the Ramsar listed Bay. There will be pollution and 24 hour noise from the moored vessel.

Annual General Meeting

AGM meeting 3rd October, Where has the year gone?

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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