Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th July 2018


A letter received from DELWP re Insurance Arrangements for Incorporated Volunteer Groups offering to indemnify MBCL for public liability claims which may arise as a direct result of volunteering activities. Following discussion it was decided to sign up but with a proviso that “we accept the offer on the basis that any claim made that our organisation is NOT responsible for the excess of any potential forthcoming claim”

Green Wedge Planning Provisions Review

A copy of this review was received and appears to be a comprehensive document with DEWLP seeking answers from strategic planners about uses in the Green Wedge. DELWP required succinct answers to questions such as :- Emerging planning issues in the Kingston Green Wedge and Stakeholders in the Kingston Green Wedge. It is hoped that Green Wedge Planning Provisions will not be weakened as a result of this review.

Melbourne Water

MORDIALLOC CREEK June Council meeting discussed a Draft Mooring Policy for Mordialloc Creek. Officer Recommendations included the following points:

  1. Authorise officers to cede management of A section to the Crown.
  2. Write a letter of support to DELWP advocating for the establishment of a Mordialloc Creek
  3. Write to Mordialloc Creek Community group advising of points 1&2 of this option as well as offering basic financial administration support.
  4. Authorise officers to provide basic financial administration support…
  5. Advocate for the development of a formal agreement with DELWP for the committee to have operational maintenance exclusive of dredging and any structural asset replacement responsibilities.

Level Crossing Removals

Additional drainage information was provided by Kingston Council following the Panel Hearing into the crossing removals at Patterson River Golf Club last month. This was provided by Kingston Drainage Department and explained the immense amount of work that has gone into replacing the existing ageing drainage system in these flood prone suburbs. The report does warn that when a severe storm strikes flooding may still occur irrespective of precautions.

Dent’s Paddock

Five community members spoke at the Hearing 15/16 July at Kingston Council Offices seeking retention of Dent’s Paddock as badly needed open space in Edithvale/Chelsea suburbs. One presenter gave valuable historical background as a member of the family who were the original owners of the property. Other presenters argued the worth of Banksias. Tea-trees and groundcover. In comparison to what Council spends on sports grounds purchase of this site and its value to the community would be a bargain

The Bay Trail

The noisy minority have gone to VCAT this week with expert witnesses to argue against the approved plan for the next section of the Bay Trail Mentone Lifesaving Club to Centre Road. Mordialloc. The Kingston councillor who is standing for the seat of Mordialloc in the next State election is threatening to prevent the current plan from going ahead Miss-information is being spread in letter box drops

Beaumaris Bay Heritage Listing

In March 2018 Kingston Mayor Steve Staikos wrote to Dr Kararlis offering Kingston Council’s support for the Heritage Listing. Additional support may be forthcoming with Dr Fitzgerald’s discovery in the Museum of Victoria’s archives of the ear of a pygmy right whale. Only five between the southern coasts of Australia and the Antarctic. Dr Fitzgerald suggests that “Beaumaris might be a rich; untapped source of important fossils.

Parks Report

Yammerbook Nature Reserve Weed control by contractors and planting by NRA staff is continuing this winter. In Peter Scullin Reserve meanwhile a clump of gazania’s have appeared and not been removed although they are not indigenous plants. It is understood that the foreshore in Kingston is to be planted with indigenous species. Why is Peter Scullin no longer regarded as part of the foreshore? When was this decided? And why are small palms planted in the Edithvale Reserve between the Highway?

Dogs Off Leash

Dogs off Leash at Somme and Bristol Avenue, Edithvale. Residents are not happy because this section of beach is the most popular and dogs off-leash, where there are small children, ma not be a good idea. At MBCL’s July meeting it was moved that hours for dogs on the beach remain as at present with no change to off-leash regulations. At Mentone beach (Charman Road corner) is reported that owners don’t control their dogs- nor pick up after them.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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