Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd October 2018


Letter sent to the Queensland Premier regarding Adani’s prolifigate use of water from the Great Artesian Basin. As yet no response. However we now learn that Origin Energy has been given approval by the Northern Territory Government to commence fracking on Aboriginal land without seeking this communitie’s approval. The Chairman of Origin Energy concedes that the company cannot guarantee that fracking won’t destroy water aquifers in the Northern Territory.

86 Albert Street Mordialloc

Concern that this development, being close to a school, may be dangerous for students as a result of road widening.

Committee of Management for Mordialloc Creek

A meeting of the COM was attended by MBCL reps, DEWLP, Melbourne Water and Kingston Council officers, small boat owners and Pompei representatives. Boat moorings, dredging the mouth of the creek and around the island were on the agenda. Since the Pompei site has been sold the future of the big boat building shed is under discussion as a possible local heritage listed site. However a consultant has stated that the creek, from the mouth to the rail bridge at least, is worthy of nomination for heritage listing due to Aboriginal, and later European association with the creek as a gateway to the Mornington Peninsula and commencement of fishing and boat building industries.

Edithvale Seaford Wetlands

The EPBC report concerning the impact of the level crossing removals at Edithvale Bonbeach on the wetlands is expected to be released in December. There are queries about the effectiveness of the horizontal pipe to disperse water from entering the trench especially at a time of high rainfall and a high tide according to a formal Kingston Council report

Bay Trail

Official report in the local paper concerning the VCAT Hearing into the section of Bay Trail from the Mentone Lifesaving Club to Rennison Street, Parkdale stated that Council’s plan for this section of the bike track was approved. This plan has already been given approval by three former Transport Ministers over the years, Bicycle Victoria and the police as well as Kingston planners. It was described as a good decision, safe and with community benefits.

Dents Paddock

A temporary reprieve for this readymade bushland meaning that the purchaser cannot remove vegetation for a specified time.

Regents Park

A VCAT Hearing for this site is booked for November 9th. The Chairwoman at a Compulsory Conference advised that objectors should accept off-sets. The vegetation on the site. All seven objectors at the compulsory conference were told that they could speak as long as they didn’t repeat what had already been presented!

Book Review

Habitat VOLUME 46 Number 2 October 2018 “The coal truth” David Ritter. CEO of Greenpeace Australia. “ Jairam Ramesh, former Minister for Indian environment states” Adani is a company that never bothered to meet environmental conditions in its own country, why do you imagine they will do so in yours?” P.23. “Indigenous fishing communities lives and livelihood have been destroyed by Adani development including illegal reclamation of land with coal dust blighting the landscape. The Adani proposal for Australia touches on all the major environmental issues of our time from climate change to global warming, from shifting from fossil fuels to renewables, to the direct and indirect impacts on the Great Barrier Reef.” (p.23)

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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