Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st August 2018

Bay Trail

Bay Trail went to a VCAT Hearing in July. The opposition presentation included a Barrister and an expert witness for vegetation. It was thought that the Council presentation was somewhat lacking in some aspects. Awaiting the result of the Hearing

Bonbeach and Edithvale Level Crossing Removals

Also awaiting the Advisory Committee’s conclusions. Kingston Council’s Drainage expert, Alan West’s excellent report on the drainage work already carried out in Edithvale (drain replacements) was received unfortunately at the conclusion of the Hearing but is a great resource to have on hand.

Mordialloc Bypass

RAMF continue’s with their campaign. Perhaps with all the rail and road work announced by the Andrew’s Labor Government recently the unnecessary freeway may be considered to be of less importance and drop down the list!

Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park seems to be heading for a VCAT Hearing. Some support is being organised by a number of objectors who consider that the destruction of a Memorial Garden containing mature trees in memory of a dedicated conservationist, Jack Cuthbertson, shows lack of respect as well as realising that mature trees are a valuable resource as climate change is making its presence felt with climbing temperatures and drought.

Pompei’s Landing Heritage Listing

While the Executive Director of Heritage , Victoria (within DELWP),advised that as a result of his assessment he will be recommending that Pompei’s Marine Boat Works and landing not be included in the Victorian heritage register, there is the possibility that some form of protection can be provided under a local Heritage Overlay. With that in mind Cr West moved, and Seconded Cr Eden, that “Council investigate whether there may be scope for Council to cooperate with the new owners of the Pompei Boatshed with a view to preserving the shed as a centre for wooden boatbuilding or other ways of commemorating Mordialloc Boat Building heritage.” The new owner’s plans include 13 four storey units with a restaurant, museum and shops on the ground level and presumably an underground car park despite the fact that this is flood prone land with high groundwater levels. With the unit development occupying more land than the boatshed occupied there will be parking problems for owners of small boats seeking to launch their boats. Boat trailers take up a great deal of space. Not much space will be left for Council’s idea of “community use”.

Beaumaris Bay Heritage Listing

Good news here. The Minister Lily D’Ambosia has supported the Request that this section of Beaumaris cliffs be given National Heritage Listing. Futhermore that the groups that have a keen interest in searching for fossils be given shared use of the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron site as a meeting place and display of fossils. Dr Fitzgerald, Museum of Victoria, supports the idea because he believes that Beaumaris might be a rich untapped source of important fossils.

Pompeis Landing Reference Documents

Congratulations to Deb for the work she has undertaken in producing a hundred page document containing coloured maps and historical documents, material used in researching information about the numerous owners of land now referred to as Pompeis Landing. There has been quite a demand for a copy of this work especially from Mordialloc Creek boat owners and some of the people who live in close proximity of the creek. Small sections of Pompei’s Landing is was owned by a Government department. Vic Roads. Vic Rail. Melbourne Water and Crown land. The historical documents contained in this volume explain some of this complexity. Well done. Deb!

Green Wedge

A Government Green Wedge Planning Provisions survey is seeking opinion on what should could be included in the Green Wedge. The original intention was for a Chain of Parks from Karkarook in the North to Braeside Park and Waterways in the south. At present there has been a demand for sports ground. Kingston Council planners claim there is a demand for indoor sporting facilities. Applications from religious bodies to build churches. synagogues and temples in Kingston and Frankston Green Wedges are common. A letter has been forwarded from MBCL concerning the purchase by a Chinese company of large section of Green Wedge for a private golf course. This land is an important section of the proposed Chain of Parks so should not be developed for private use only.

Kingston Biodiversity Upgrade

Kingston Biodiversity Upgrade was the main item of a recent PEAC meeting where the decision to create two manageable documents was explained by Tony Collins. One was to outline process and the second – a technical document listing plants, flora and fauna was presented by Dr Jeff Yugovich – often an expert witness at VCAT Hearings when vegetation is an important issue.

Braeside Park

Jim Walker is planning to carry out a field survey of flora and fauna in Braeside Park on 22nd of September on behalf of the Friends of the Earth. Contact the FOE if you are interested. The result may add some weight to the opposition of the Mordialloc Freeway and its impact on the park.

Marine and Coastal Act

2018 From 1st August 2018 the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change will be responsible for developing a statewide policy and strategy, with advice and guidance from the Marine and Coastal Council. Local planning and management will be improved by linking multiple coastal and marine managers so they can work together to develop clear and relevant local plans. Improved controls will be created for access, use, and development in the marine and coastal environment. On Friday midday officers from around Port Phillip Bay met at Watkins Street, Aspendale to hear Alan West, City of Kingston’s drainage authority manager explain the method used in dealing with a drainage policy in Watkins Street and further along the Aspendale foreshore the use of sand bags to prevent foreshore erosion. Happy to see that indigenous vegetation was used in the wetland!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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