Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Newsletter – July 2020

Mordialloc Creek Contamination Report

Prior to beginning dredging of the creek a comprehensive report of water quality was carried out. Metal contamination was recorded at all seven sites and exceeded screening levels for at least one contaminant (zinc). The other contaminants were cadmium, copper, lead, silver, mercury, arsenic and chromium depending on the site. There was no testing for PFAS but the report indicated that it was planned to check for that dangerous chemical at a later date.

Bay Trail Rennison Street to Mordialloc Creek

Tenders have gone out for this section of the trail due to commence September or October 2020.

Tree Planting Plan

Quarterly Report from Kingston Council outlines a proposed Street Tree Planting Plan. Council has worked with a consultant in the development of the plan which will provide a consistent approach to strategically prioritise tree planting and replacement based on a key criteria. This will include tree population, heat islands, population density, current tree cover and location in relation to remnant vegetation/habitat areas.

Need to Locate Native Vegetation Locally

Notice of Motion 39/2019 that KCEC officers endeavour to locate suitable native vegetation offsets within Kingston where it was found that none currently existed.  The July 2019 motion asked for an exploration of locating the offset for vegetation clearance within the boundaries of Kingston where suitable. Currently offsets for clearing of native vegetation within Kingston can be found anywhere within Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment. 

5th Mordialloc Sea Scouts Hall, Park Street

Council will work with 5th Mordialloc Sea Scouts to develop a plan to refurbish and possibly extend this building. Meanwhile the derelict scout building on Lambert Island will be demolished.

Port Phillip Conservation Council

The Nature Conservancy, a worldwide agency, plans to establish man-made reefs for oyster beds right around Port Phillip Bay. They will be using recycled oyster shells from restaurants and limestone mix to build the reefs. An oyster reef already exists south of Mordialloc Pier. The oysters will not be for commercial consumption.

Level Crossing Removals, Edithvale

Edithvale residents are concerned about potential water problems likely to arise when the rail line is set in a trench rather than on an elevated line. Plans to deal with groundwater outflow could become a problem. Any diversion of groundwater may deprive residents of bore water. At a meeting with LXRA to discuss resident’s concerns they were told that all decisions had been made. Nothing would be done.

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