Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Newsletter – May 2020

Future of Braeside Park Survey

Changes to the management of Braeside Park would mean that activities such as group camping , markets, festivals, cafes and dogs would be permitted all of which would harm the environmental and cultural values of the park. This matter is referred to in the March issue of Park Watch (p32) which  states “There are few places left in Melbourne where you could see a turtle lay her eggs, an echidna forage for ants or a Black-Shouldered Kite take a mouse…..Braeside Metropolitan Park is a rare gem where all this is possible on an evening stroll….. Braeside boasts important wetlands, heath lands and red gum woodland…Despite this Parks Victoria has foreshadowed a precinct plan canvassing views  on permitting dogs, holding public events, activities squarely aimed at boosting human traffic. … Braeside is already under intense pressure from the Mordialloc Bypass under construction on its western boundary.”    MBCL sent a submission objecting to Parks Vic’s proposals.

Toilet Pier Road, Mordialloc

A large industrial looking toilet will be built near the Pier. The building will dominate this site. There has been no attempt to blend with the existing early 1920 functional building stock as required when planning for foreshore buildings according to the official documentation used in this case.

Governor Road Car Park and Pontoons

Better Boating is planning to construct a pontoon in the creek opposite the Mordialloc Motor Yacht Club for use by the disabled, and extend existing pontoons at the Governor Road boat ramp. The ramps will be of concrete construction. There will be a metre wide extension of the car park along Governor Road. Any trees removed will be replaced following discussion with the NRA staff.

Kingston Housing Strategy & Neighbourhood Character Strategy

CR West’s Ward Meeting was presented electronically 28 April. This meeting allowed residents to respond to Council’s revised housing strategy and neighbourhood character study. The previous changes to the revised strategy received over 1603 objections with only six in support.

Bay Trail

Bay Trail is gradually working its way towards Mordialloc Creek with construction underway between Mentone and Rennison Street, Parkdale. Renninson Street to Mordialloc Creek will be the next section when the Bay Trail will travel under Nepean Hwy Bridge, through the Pompei site, under the rail line, over the pedestrian bridge to the Long Beach Trail and a pleasant ride to Patterson River.

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act Review

A daunting document to review but the Green Wedges Coalition Guardian Alliance submission was a magnificent piece of work as was that of Cr West. Rather late in the day the ACF was pleading with people to send in a short statement before the closing date. MBCL complied noting that the only person on the Review board with environmental law qualifications was removed before the Review began. Remaining members on the Review panel have expertise in development, mining, trade and business.

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