Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 28th November 1989

Mordialloc Foreshore and Environs Strategy Plan

The League has been officially invited to be represented on the Council’s Working Party which is planning the landscaping for Mordialloc Foreshore. The first meeting will take place on December 5th, 1989 at the Council Chambers.

Environment Subcommittee

A submission has been presented to Mordialloc Council asking that an environmental subcommittee be formed comprising of 5 delegates from interested groups, 1 councillor and 2 staff officers. The aim of the subcommittee would be to give well considered advice to council on matters relating to the environment in the City of Mordialloc. Awaiting a report from council.

Pollution in Mordialloc Creek

Analysis of the results of three months testing of the creek water reveals that the E. Coli count fluctuates between 1100/ 100ml to 75000/100ml. Mr John Ward, a senior member of the Analysts has stated that in his opinion there should be a caution notice at the creek to advise people that the water is not suitable for bathing or recreational swimming.

Action: Council be asked that a sign be erected at the mouth of the creek warning that swimming in the creek or near the mouth of the creek could constitute a danger to health.

Tree Planting on the Foreshore

Waiting for Council to advise commencement date for this project. The League wishes to thank Adrian for his offer to print the list of plants supplied by the SGAP. The list will be presented to the Working Party on Foreshore landscaping on 5-12-89.

De Facto Bike Path on the Cliff Tops at Beaumaris

The response from Conservation, Forests and Lands on this matter is that, “Such work can generally be considered as maintenance and not requiring a planning permit. This response was not considered to be satisfactory. The path is clearly being used as a bicycle path and since it has not been constructed as such, it constitutes a danger to pedestrians because of the lack of clear sight lines.

Action: To query with C,F & L the lack of a planning permit and to stress that because of poor visibility older people could be in danger from cyclists. The. question of erosion on the cliff tops and weed infestation in the Park should also be addressed.

Mordialloc Creek Weir

The DVA has advised Council that they propose to carry out a feasibility study on the installation of a weir within Mordialloc Creek to control siltation.

Action: To write to the DVA expressing concern that the weir is to be trialled before the proposed EES has commenced and that the environmental and aesthetic aspects of the weir have not been sufficiently considered. Also that the weir will not be capable of preventing water borne pollutants flowing into the Bay.

Sale of Braeside Park Land

The Cain Government plans to sell $700 million of public land and National estate buildings in 1990. Because of the increase in dual occupancy housing and therefore a greater need for public open space, the League will continue to oppose the sale of parkland.

Action: Mara has volunteered to write to the Minister for Water Resources, the MMBW. and the local paper expressing the League’s opposition to the loss of public open space.


Hartmut and Bob will continue to refine the League’s constitution. A special meeting in March 1990 will discuss incorporation and proposed changes in more detail than has been possible to date.


The present owner of the Keefers site has not proceeded with the planned development and so would appear to have forfeited the right to do so according to the ruling given by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, 12-2-80

Other Business

The League’s 20th birthday on December 11, 1989. The local paper has been contacted and the suggestion was made that an article on the League’s achievements over this period may be newsworthy!

Meeting Closed: 11PM

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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