Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 14th March 1989

Kiosk on Mentone Foreshore

The Ministry for Planning & Environment has refused the application for the following reasons :-
The proposed use is inconsistent with the purpose of the reservation and is inconsistent with the Government’s “A coastal policy for Victoria.”
Council has now decided to withdraw its application.

MMBW Depot at Braeside MMBW Park

A letter was sent from the League opposing the siting of an MMBW Depot on parkland. However, despite protests from many groups the depot is to go ahead.

Promenade Extension, Mordialloc

The promenade extension is to be commenced shortly. The League considers this is a waste of money and its placement will disturb the sand dunes and marram grass which has become established.

Patterson River Marina Development

Saltwater to be pumped into the Patterson river canals may cause salination of the Edithvale Wetlands. Sarah volunteered to find further information on this matter.

Edithvale Wetlands

The Wetlands have been accepted for National Heritage Listing but are under threat from commercial development on Edithvale Road.

Mordialloc Creek Pollution

Leechites, the most toxic liquids from the bottom of tips, has been pumped out of a Springvale tip but has unfortunately found its way into ponds in the Braeside MMBW Park. Because of the high water table this pollutant may also find its way into Mordialloc Creek and thence into the Bay thus adding to the many other toxic chemicals entering the Creek from the Offensive Industries Zone in South Dandenong.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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