Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 28th November 1989

Mordialloc Foreshore and Environs Strategy Plan

The League has been officially invited to be represented on the Council’s Working Party which is planning the landscaping for Mordialloc Foreshore. The first meeting will take place on December 5th, 1989 at the Council Chambers.

Environment Subcommittee

A submission has been presented to Mordialloc Council asking that an environmental subcommittee be formed comprising of 5 delegates from interested groups, 1 councillor and 2 staff officers. The aim of the subcommittee would be to give well considered advice to council on matters relating to the environment in the City of Mordialloc. Awaiting a report from council.

Pollution in Mordialloc Creek

Analysis of the results of three months testing of the creek water reveals that the E. Coli count fluctuates between 1100/ 100ml to 75000/100ml. Mr John Ward, a senior member of the Analysts has stated that in his opinion there should be a caution notice at the creek to advise people that the water is not suitable for bathing or recreational swimming.

Action: Council be asked that a sign be erected at the mouth of the creek warning that swimming in the creek or near the mouth of the creek could constitute a danger to health.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 12th September 1989

Mordialloc Foreshore and Environs Strategy Plan

Bob presented an alternative plan for the Foreshore in preparation for the League’s anticipated inclusion on Council’s Working Party on the landscaping of the foreshore.

Pollution in Mordialloc Creek

There is concern that should the water from the Dandenong Sewerage Board no longer flow into Mordialloc Creek, the quality of the water will deteriorate still further. It is necessary to have an Environmental Effects Study before 1994, the expected closure of the DSSW.


The League has received a comprehensive list of plants (indigenous) which would be suitable for foreshore planting from the Society for Growing Australian Plants. Adrian has had this valuable list typed & it is planned to circulate the list to interested groups and individuals.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 13th June 1989

News Brief

This has been another busy quarter with more submission writing, requests to speak at two meetings and an invitation from Council for the League to become involved in a Government promoted tree planting program on the foreshore. Please watch the local paper for further information if you would like to join in this worthwhile activity.
On Sunday 3rd September 1989 League Members will be hosting a tour of the Creek and Foreshore Parks with the Society for Growing Native Plants. Please join us at the Mordialloc Pier at 2pm if you would like to walk with us. The aim is to further the planting of native trees in these parks.
We would be interested to hear your views about the work done by Council on the Beaumaris cliff tops, especially the ten foot wide path through this sensitive area.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about our local environment!


Resolved that the correspondence be received.

Patterson River Marina

A letter from Hon. Tom Roper confirming the need for further information before the project was approved.

Pollution in Mordialloc Creek

A meeting 17-6-89 elected committees to deal with various aspects of the problem, and planned further meeting dates.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 14th March 1989

Kiosk on Mentone Foreshore

The Ministry for Planning & Environment has refused the application for the following reasons :-
The proposed use is inconsistent with the purpose of the reservation and is inconsistent with the Government’s “A coastal policy for Victoria.”
Council has now decided to withdraw its application.

MMBW Depot at Braeside MMBW Park

A letter was sent from the League opposing the siting of an MMBW Depot on parkland. However, despite protests from many groups the depot is to go ahead.

Promenade Extension, Mordialloc

The promenade extension is to be commenced shortly. The League considers this is a waste of money and its placement will disturb the sand dunes and marram grass which has become established.

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