Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd February 1990

Guest Speaker – Darren Koch

Darren Koch, Democrat candidate for Isaacs, outlined the policies of his party and would welcome assistance in his campaign.

Mordialloc Foreshore & Environs

Members of the SGAP inspected Mordialloc Foreshore in late November with League members. Don Neale of the Sandringham Community Nursery  volunteered to draw up a detailed plan which was presented to Council Officers in December. The plan has been sent to the Ministry for Planning and Environment. A further meeting will be held with Council Officers and MPE personnel, perhaps in March.

De Facto Bike Path

Possibility of a publicity photo to publicise the illegal bike path. A sign warning people to wear helmets has been erected at both ends of the path. Mary Rimington is to write to C.F&L seeking to have the width of the path reduced and wheeled traffic prevented from using the path. This is especially important given the recent rock fall from the cliffs. Re-vegetation and drainage problems must also be addressed.

Braeside Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works Park

Darren Koch volunteered to contact the local paper re the imminent sale of Braeside parkland.
It was moved that a fax be sent to Kay Setches and Bunna Walsh requesting the deferral of the sale of the land pending the outcome of action taken by Mordialloc and Chelsea Councils. CK offered to fax the request for deferral of sale.

Mordialloc Creek

Chris King moved that a brain storming session with League and MCAG be organised in order to decide on a project prior to applying for funding from the May series of Area Improvement Programs. MR to arrange with Jim.

Mayor’s Community Day

Chris King volunteered to find out about native grasses which could be sold in addition to shrubs (natives) on the day. MR requested leaflets from the rainbow Alliance to hand out in a Public Education campaign

Revision of the Constitution

Bob Wilcock advised that he could work to finalise changes to the Leagues;  Constitution prior to becoming incorporated and hoped to have it completed within the next few weeks.

Other Business

There being no other business the meeting closed: 11PM.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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