Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 12th September 1989

Mordialloc Foreshore and Environs Strategy Plan

Bob presented an alternative plan for the Foreshore in preparation for the League’s anticipated inclusion on Council’s Working Party on the landscaping of the foreshore.

Pollution in Mordialloc Creek

There is concern that should the water from the Dandenong Sewerage Board no longer flow into Mordialloc Creek, the quality of the water will deteriorate still further. It is necessary to have an Environmental Effects Study before 1994, the expected closure of the DSSW.


The League has received a comprehensive list of plants (indigenous) which would be suitable for foreshore planting from the Society for Growing Australian Plants. Adrian has had this valuable list typed & it is planned to circulate the list to interested groups and individuals.

Tree Planting Project on the Foreshore

We are still waiting for action from Mordialloc Council on this project.

De Facto Bike Path on the Beaumaris Cliffs

The League has sought support from the PPCC on this matter We are also awaiting a response from the Ministry’s of Planning and Environment, and Conservation, Forests & Lands.


Bob and Hartmut volunteered to work on a revision of the Constitution prior to the League becoming incorporated.

Very Fast Train

Mara outlined the serious (if not devastating consequences) of the proposed route of the VFT through the East Gippsland National Estate and Wilderness areas. It was agreed to circulate a petition objecting to the route.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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