Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 13th June 1989

News Brief

This has been another busy quarter with more submission writing, requests to speak at two meetings and an invitation from Council for the League to become involved in a Government promoted tree planting program on the foreshore. Please watch the local paper for further information if you would like to join in this worthwhile activity.
On Sunday 3rd September 1989 League Members will be hosting a tour of the Creek and Foreshore Parks with the Society for Growing Native Plants. Please join us at the Mordialloc Pier at 2pm if you would like to walk with us. The aim is to further the planting of native trees in these parks.
We would be interested to hear your views about the work done by Council on the Beaumaris cliff tops, especially the ten foot wide path through this sensitive area.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about our local environment!


Resolved that the correspondence be received.

Patterson River Marina

A letter from Hon. Tom Roper confirming the need for further information before the project was approved.

Pollution in Mordialloc Creek

A meeting 17-6-89 elected committees to deal with various aspects of the problem, and planned further meeting dates.

Making the Most of the Bay Report

Committee members were invited to submit ideas for the Making the Most of the Bay submission which was due 3-7-89. The focus of the submission should be on the most important issues:-

  • Commercial development on Crown Land
  • Land usage and zoning
  • Planting native vegetation
  • The new two-stage planning procedure of the Ministry for Planning and Environment.
  • Recreation

The Mordialloc Foreshore and Environs Strategy Plan

Mrs Gaye Kerin suggested that the League devise an alternative plan to put to Council. Bob Wilcock agreed to work through the consultant’s plan with a view to recommending alternatives.

Incorporation and Revision of the Constitution

Hartmut Rabich has spent a considerable amount of time revising and reviewing the League’s constitution prior to incorporation. Members will have an opportunity to comment before the final draft is accepted.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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