Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th December 1990

Parkdale / Mentone Forshore

Areas of concern with proposed restoration work include the following: Grading the cliffs to prevent erosion, the bike path on the foreshore, design and placement of fencing. MBCL. to submit an objection to Council on the grounds of “improper haste” in deciding on restoration work. The League will also request an on-site inspection of the area under discussion.

Braeside Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works Park

A letter has been written to the Mordialloc-Chelsea News outlining the League’s proposal to have the proposed freeway re-aligned in order to release more land for the park. Mr Baker, MMBW, has invited League members to discuss this issue with him at a date to be decided.

The Agnew Report

A letter has been sent to the Hon. M. Sandon seeking his advice as to the possibility of funding to allow Mr Agnew to proceed with important research on the reef offshore from the Horse Paddock.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th September 1990

Election of Cr C.KING

Chris King has given the League invaluable assistance with programs & Committee members expressed their delight at the election of Chris to Mordialloc City Council at the August Elections. Cr King announced his resignation as M-B.C.L. delegate to P.P.C.C. The League has no representative on this committee at present.


The League has become incorporated as a result of many months of diligent work by Hartmut Rabich, Bob Wilcock and Christopher King. Thanks were also expressed to Pam Wilcock for the new logo-the one remaining banksia on the Parkdale cliffs.

Mordialloc Foreshore & Environs

Plants are being propagated at various nurseries in readiness for planting in the autumn. The protective fences on the foreshore have been criticised as being totally out of character with the natural aspect planned for this section of the beach.

Moorabbin Aerodrome

Julia Hicks will ring the noise abatement section of Civil Aviation to discuss the noise from 1000 plane movements a day.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd February 1990

Guest Speaker – Darren Koch

Darren Koch, Democrat candidate for Isaacs, outlined the policies of his party and would welcome assistance in his campaign.

Mordialloc Foreshore & Environs

Members of the SGAP inspected Mordialloc Foreshore in late November with League members. Don Neale of the Sandringham Community Nursery  volunteered to draw up a detailed plan which was presented to Council Officers in December. The plan has been sent to the Ministry for Planning and Environment. A further meeting will be held with Council Officers and MPE personnel, perhaps in March.

De Facto Bike Path

Possibility of a publicity photo to publicise the illegal bike path. A sign warning people to wear helmets has been erected at both ends of the path. Mary Rimington is to write to C.F&L seeking to have the width of the path reduced and wheeled traffic prevented from using the path. This is especially important given the recent rock fall from the cliffs. Re-vegetation and drainage problems must also be addressed.

Braeside Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works Park

Darren Koch volunteered to contact the local paper re the imminent sale of Braeside parkland.
It was moved that a fax be sent to Kay Setches and Bunna Walsh requesting the deferral of the sale of the land pending the outcome of action taken by Mordialloc and Chelsea Councils. CK offered to fax the request for deferral of sale.

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