Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 10th April 2024


A letter from Mayor Jenna Davey-Burns was letterboxed in our area voicing her concerns regarding Level Crossing Removals in Mordialloc/Aspendale.

Kingston Council Update (Foreshore & Bushland)

Due to staff changes all future reports will be coming through Environment and Open Spaces (EOSAC). Judy to contact Emily Boucher.

Parkdale and the Mordialloc Railway precincts

What is happening behind Bradshaw Bushland Reserve? Tractors and other equipment is parked along the railway line. Has the remnant vegetation that David Bainbridge has been caring for been damaged?
Concern expressed about the return of Canary Island Palms to the Parkdale Station precinct.
Is a consultative group to be formed to advise LXRA on the next stage of level crossing removals? Keep a look out please.

Council/ Meetings

Climate and Ecological Emergency Research Plan. A few members have read this. Others urged to do so. A discussion ensued.
Hutchins Close Mordialloc shared path reconstruction – Travis to further investigate extension of walking track from Jack Holt Way to Governor Rd.

Reports from Groups

Port Phillip Conservation Council
Trevor will look into being our representative.

Mordialloc Creek Community (Boating & Fishing)
Wayne is very concerned about the sediment and litter in the Creek and its tributaries. Is currently making a video.
The Council are installing 2 Gross Pollutant Traps, a third is needed.
Wayne took a tour with representatives from Kingston Council, DEECA, EPA and Melbourne Water. Attenborough Park to George Woods Reserve to Settlement Creek (inadequate nets) to Airport to Heatherton. This was to demonstrate to the authorities what ends up eventually in the Creek and out to Port Phillip.

The Grange
The new Conservation in Kingston publication has advertised working bees.
It is easy to subscribe to and makes an interesting read.

Other Business

Lead Aware NZ are assessing the amount of lead in children’s crockery cups. This is due to relaxed standards in Australia, which don’t have regulations specifically for children’s products.

Agenda General Meeting May 1st 2024

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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