Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th February 2024

Kingston Council Update (Foreshore & Bushland)

Representative to attend quarterly.
Question for Council Rep. Are the trees planted new or replacement/new?

Mordialloc Railway precinct

On the agenda for Environment and Open Spaces Strategic Advisory Committee this Thursday 8th
Questions – Could the access to Station St be built be designed to go where SCOPE is now? And therefore save Groves Reserve.
What trees are going to be replaced along Como Pd, Parkdale?
Where is the bike path going?

Aquatic Centre

Nina is concerned about night lighting and its effect on wildlife. Is there anything we can do to help her?

Council Meetings

Question time at Council, the questions are now answered in order of receipt.
Should these questions be relevant to the Agenda?

BP Petrol Station Development in Braeside

Plans for a BP service station have been passed. So nothing can be done.

Reports from Groups

Green Wedge Coalition
Met with Sonya Kilkenny re Rossdale Golf Course. Rossdale told to go to Council.
Water Park Application. Boundary Rd Dingley.2 Will cover half of the 4 hectare block. Coalition has put in a submission. Green wedge shouldn’t be used for built recreation. A creek exists on the site that has significant vegetation beside it. Minister was asked if she would protect Green Wedge.
Bus depot has been refused.
SR Loop – initial contract has been signed.
Planning scheme amendments are a threat to our rights and protection of the Green Wedges.

Port Phillip Conservation Council
Need a representative from MBCL

Mordialloc Creek Community
Wayne Imlach is attempting to get a meeting with DEECA, Council and Melbourne Water regarding the rubbish flowing through the creeks from Moorabbin airport and DFO. Concerned about run off into the Mordialloc Creek from development.
The Minister for Environment is visiting to look at dredging. Need for a regular plan for dredging, similar to what exists for the mouth of the creek with Parks Victoria.
Council have removed dead tee trees and have put possum guards on survivors on Lambert Island.
Wayne has for some years now been taking photos of nurdles collected in the creek (from a yacht that has a collection area underneath. Sends them to a company called Taronga Blue, Melbourne water and Council.
Next meeting Feb 23rd

The Grange
Penny attended “Natural vegetation” meeting

Other Business

Master Plan for Doug Denyer reserve to be released mid year
Council are asking for feedback on name for Dents Paddock. An indigenous name meaning Tee tree has been suggested

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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