Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th August 2014

Port Phillip Conservation Council

has made submissions objecting to the section of the Kingston Bay Trail which has Council approval to deviate onto the foreshore to provide parking for lifesaving club patrons. PPCC has also objects to the BMYS development. THe PPCC secretary has been invited by a number of school and Unis to present her excellent power point presentation highlighting the important features of Port Phillip and Westernport Bay and the damage to both bays if the Hastings and Bay West port expansion go ahead. Environmental harmful dredging wil be required in both cases.
Some shipping experts are now acknowledging that because Melbourne is at the end of the shipping lanes massive container vessels may bypass Melbourne even if either of these ports were constructed.

Bushland Playgrounds

Interesting to see a number of articles in the Age and VPNA magazine recently extolling the virtue of bushland playgrounds for children who are being deprived of backyards to play in due to the massive over-development of middle suburbs house blocks. With trees, gardens and open space lost to developer greed where do children learn to appreciate the importance of trees, birds and animals who live in local bushland settings such as Mordialloc Creek? It seems that local Councils are terrified of being sued by parents if the style of playground functioning on a suburban block in St Kilda since 1981 and consisting of tyres, wood offcuts, a rope flying fox and chooks was adopted. Hence we see a proliferation of plastic playgrounds dotted along the foreshore.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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