Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd September 2014

The Bay Trail

The September meeting discussed Council’s approval for Mentone Surf Lifesaving Club to have a car park erected on the gravel verge which is to part of the Bay Trail.Because of the extra width of Beach Road at this point there is no need for a car park.Further more the deviation onto the cliff top will mean further loss of vegetation .

Mordialloc Creek EOI

Council called for an EOI regarding use of the creek bank, currently used to sell paint from existing small sheds. MBCL was invited to make a submission. After discussion reference was made to the Mordialloc Structure Plan which recommended that this area be retained for small boat owners to launch and maintain their boats. This proposal was supported meanwhile pointing out that there is limited room for parking at that site- especially if boat trailers have to be parked as well as the owner’s cars. This area is also subject to flooding during severe storm surges.

Beaumaris Fossil Beds and Sea Ledges

Disappointing to be told that Heritage Victoria does not accept scientific or Aboringinal requests for listing on their register although certain buildings are acceptable. The art created in this area by the Heidelberg school of painters should be listed.

Climate Change

It is encouraging to note the number of large groups who are campaigning to encourage both political parties to support renewal energy rather than the coal industry or fracking on prime agricultural land. COLLINS REPORT see attachment

Mordialloc Creek

Friends Groups and Council continue to work in the Mordialloc Creek Catchment which includes Epsom Grassy Wetlands, revegetation of the north and south banks of Mordialloc Creek, Yammerbook wetlands where infrastructure such as barbecues, seats and play equipment is being installed. Trees are being replanted along Long Beach Trail to replace trees removed by Melbourne Water due to interference with drainage earlier in the year.

Mystery Brickwork

Recently Council staff uncovered bricks on the high ground in the George Woods Reserve above the creek suggesting that it may have once been part of a building. The local historian produced an aerial photo suggesting that the bricks may have been part of a turning circle for steam engines when trains ran from the city and terminated at Mordialloc.

Basements and Deep Building Construction

Kingston Council is revising their policy of Basements and Deep Building Construction. Council’s goal is to promote sustainable design principles, protect natural resources and ensure a safe environment. Problems have arisen with basement car parks close to the foreshore where groundwater is close to the surface. The high water table geohydrology of Kingston has always been a considerable issue to council officers constructing drainage systems in wet conditions and there has been much less understanding of the complex geohydrology in Kingston.

In mid -2013 officers became aware of issues with a new development at 8-10 Bona Vista Avenue, Aspendale where substantial amounts of ground water was being pumped, from the basement car park, through the approved stormwater system into the municipal drain which discharged immediately onto the beach. This incident highlighted potential risks to the natural environment and to the built environment to the detriment of Council, future owners of the property and adjacent property owners. The flow was up to 70,000 litres per day. (Reference: Peter Bain, Manager Infrastructure.)

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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