President’s Report 2004

Looking at the list of items considered over the last twelve months is staggering and a credit to us as a group and especially creditable to the hard working members who made the big contributions. The list is as follows not in order of importance and not in chronological order but still impressive whatever way you look ait it.

  • Kingston Environmental Network
  • Blue Wedge Coalition
  • Foreshore Edn Group
  • Seminars attended
  • Scullin Reserve
  • Pitrones
  • Linton St Reserve
  • PPCC
  • Mordialloc 5 story Main St
  • Portsea Tender Process
  • Friends of Mentone Railway Reserve
  • Small Parks Sales
  • Edithvale Common
  • Woodlands lake 1
  • Sustainable Cities submission
  • Chicquita Prk
  • Epsom Housing Estate
  • NRA Team liaison
  • Skateboard Park
  • The Chain of Parks KCEC

We did spend a lot of time opposing plans to bring 5 story development to Mordialloc Main Street seeking community support for the opposition to the development. The community was alerted by proformas outlining the objections to the plan and waving placards along the highway entrance to Mordialloc. As is so often the case we certainly gained the local support but lost the case with the powers that be.
For Scullin Reserve we had more success (at the last estimate) having productive discussions with council officers. Much counting of parking spaces hopefully will keep council on track.
Our liaison with KRAMMED continues and we mutually worked together to bring cases to the community’s attention and presentation to VCAT.
Another good working relationship was established with the Blue Wedge Coalition in the work to save the bay from the disaster of channel deepening. Still mightily concerned that this battle may be lost. PPCC of course was involved in this case and MBCL members supported their efforts also. Of continuing concern is the assault on the Kingston’s open space notably in the sell off of small reserves in Clarinda, Chelsea and the worries about Linton St Reserve in Moorabbin.
In conjunction with KCEC we made a submission to the Sustainable Cities overview as well as a submission to the panel considering Chicquita Park which is still being considered by VCAT. Many of or even most of our members were participants in the Kingston Council Environmental Network Forum. A forum we think is useful but has still to prove itself. Certainly we were encouraged by the first review of the Council’s Open Space Strategy and look forward to hearing much more on this matter.
We continue as staunch supporters of KCEC and enjoy more than cordial relations with Kingston’s Natural Resources Team – Tony Collins is a friend of MBCL and is always welcome at our meetings when he comes to brief us on his team’s work.
Finally all the work doesn’t just happen we have members who are prepared to spend many hours of work on these projects., So biog thanks to Brian and Nina Earl on their great work on especially the Main St Mordialloc project, the Scullin reserve and the wary eye they keep on open spaces in and around Mordy. Thanks to Mara for her ever-inventive thoughts on how ‘to keep the bastards honest’. Thanks to Penny for her watchful eye on the foreshore and Mentone and reports on other parks (most notably The Grange). Thanks to Stephen for his thoughtful appraisal on all matters environmental especially as regards our (his?) Bay. Thanks to our Treasurer Frank who keeps a miserly eye on our finances we know its worthwhile if he lets us spend the money on it whatever ‘it’ is. Thanks to our mates in like minded organisations Bill Hampel at KCEC, Geoffrey Goode at PPCC, Janelle House at KRAMMED, Greg Alabaster at Linton St and certainly to Councillor Rosemary West for guiding us and alerting us to all matters in Kingston and beyond.
Finally I know you all want me to give the biggest thanks to our Secretary Mary who has worked on most if not all the projects mentioned and is a never failing inspiration to us all.

Brian Pullen

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