Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd September 2015

Canterbury Road Industrial Estate

Plans are underway to commence a Melbourne Water wetland in the Industrial Estate on the North Bank of Mordialloc creek above Wells Road bridge. Revised plans for the proposed wetland are designed to preserve a significant remnant of Herb-Rich Plains Grassy Wetlands. A Living Links tour of Long Beach Trail/Centre Swamp Drain showed highlighted Melbourne Waters recent plantings between Yammerbook Reserve and the Aspendale Gardens Oval.

Green Wedge

The Green Wedge is once again under threat –this time the arable market garden land could become a Memorial Park/cemetery. Letters have been sent to the Age and local newspapers deploring the latest attempt to disrupt plans for the long awaited Sandbelt Open Spaces Parkland for this section of the South East Green Wedge.

Bay Trail

With the first section of Kingston’s Round the Bay trail bike track completed- Charman Road to Mentone Lifesaving Club-it was felt that MBCL should seek consultation with Council officers involved with completion of the trail to Mordialloc Creek. This will involve siting the trail in a difficult section -MLSC to Mentone Parade – containing remnant vegetation i.e. Nodding Greenhoods. Approval was given by the OIC for a discussion of areas of concern along the route with the officer overseeing the work and a fruitful discussion took place in September. At least seven bus stops and numerous light poles make this a difficult stretch and may require some back-of -kerb sections and some sections on existing granitic shared paths.

Melrose Street, Mordialloc

Mordialloc – A Middle Ring Suburb is under attack with Melrose Street residents faced with further development of Parkdale Plaza. The oldest dwelling in Mordialloc,- heritage listed Henwood Cottage in Park Street, is to have additional development likely to receive approval. The old Timber Yard in Albert Street has changed hands again, now seemingly owned by enthusiastic young Asians ,who claim to have sold 39 of the 68 apartments in Casa Del Mar , yet to receive Council approval. Interesting to note that six heritage homes, lovingly renovated in Barkly Street ,have not yet been demolished although approved for multiple unit development.

Beaumaris Fossil Cliffs and Ledges 

Another attempt is being made to have the cliffs and sea ledges selected for the Victorian Heritage list. Date due for submission is November. Members of supporting groups, including MBCL, were invited to Government House in August in recognition of the work of volunteers in Landcare throughout Victoria. Judy represented MBCL and enjoyed the experience immensely.

Rare Win!

Environment minister, Lisa Neville has ordered Kingston Council to remove any reference to “protecting private bay views from its coastal management plan and to ensure it continued to plant a variety of trees” including over storey species i.e. Banksias and She-oaks. Council can now support natural regeneration of existing coastal banksia and black she-oak. New plantings will be promoted in cases of environmental vandalism.

Against the Grain

Former president/secretary of Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition, Bill Hampel has written a book, Against the Grain, in which he introduces 14 Victorian farmers and describes how they are restoring their land while responding to the threat of climate change.

Bill devotes much of the book to giving a context for climate change, sets out the science underpinning climate change and discusses Australia’s response to it in terms of the media and politics. Published by Rosenberg Publishing 2015, soft cover, 280 pages RRP $29.95. Sounds like a good read.

Cheetham Salt Field

Geelong Envirornment Council is appealing for assistance because the Moolap Wetlands Park may be threatened with development. This wetland is a unique foreshore site consisting of 465 hectares of coastal saltmarsh and wetland habitat with significant environmental, archaeological and social values. The Moorlap wetland habitat supports migratory and non- migratory shorebirds and although not yet listed under the RAMSAR Convention, it has a crucial function on the western side of Port Phillip Bay, Lake Connewarre & Swan Bay in the survival of shorebirds and waterbirds already facing the loss of habitat along their migratory paths. Coastal Saltmarsh (Ecological Vegetation Class 9) provides critical habitat for the EPBC Act 1999 listed Orange-bellied Parrot. Coastal Saltmarsh is present in the wetland and adjacent Point Henry sites and is of high significance as it is endangered in the Otway Plains Bioregion Smaller closed areas of Submerged Herbfields dominated by beaded Glasswort. Development will affect tidal and hydrological patterns and vegetation growth patterns.

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