Mordialloc Bypass

What is proposed is that traffic using Wells Road will be encouraged to use the bypass which will impact severely instead on Aspendale Gardens residents to the south east of Mordialloc Creek, Waterways residential estate and destroy the most important wetlands in the southwest corner of Braeside Park. Unfortunately an elevated six lane freeway will be close to Braeside Park, cross over Governor Road, through the wetlands close to Waterways housing, across Mordialloc Creek abutting Aspendale Gardens housing. Drilling is underway in the wetlands for the piles required for an elevated roadway. If it goes ahead the bypass will destroy the peace and quiet of Braeside Park, residential housing and the birdlife in the wetlands. Braeside park and wetlands which in 1978 Metropolitan Melbourne Board of Works was determined to preserve for future generations.

Residents in Dingley are concerned about this development as are Moorabbin residents because of the impact that the proposed freeway will have on the already heavily congested South Road where it enters the Nepean Highway in Moorabbin.  The northern section of the bypass will connect to South Road at Warrigal Road. South Road already carries very heavy traffic to connect with Nepean Highway in Moorabbin. There are viable alternatives for the bypass such as a linking road to Springvale Road further to the north.

The proposed route can be viewed through the Social PinPoint at VicRoads.

One comment

We are looking for supporters of the Residents Against the Mordialloc Bypass (RAMB) or Call for Action Against the MPFE.
We are beginning to get organised and have so far secured the support of a local councilor, DSEGW, PTUA.
We write to ask for your support in this campaign as it will be long and hard fought battle.

Building more road capacity to “solve” congestion problems is like
trying to cure obesity by loosening your belt. More road space only
encourages more people to drive and to drive further, and so worsens
traffic congestion overall.

It has been observed that the persistence of the belief that building
motorways will overcome congestion exemplifies a definition of
insanity (allegedly from Einstein): “Insanity is doing the same thing
over and over again and expecting different results”.

look forward to hearing form you soon.


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