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Featured: President’s Report 2022

Upon reflection of last year’s meetings with the inconvenience of the pandemic with which we have persevered and held our meetings this year.

Our areas of concern this year have been:-

Along the coast

Mentone Lifesaving Clubhouse.

This huge new structure that has caused great damage to the clay cliffs at Mentone right up to the around the bay bike track is nearly finished. It has been elevated to protect it from future storm damage inevitable with climate change weather and rising tides. Why was this structure with so few of Victoria’s population using it, for so few months of the year, at such great expense was passed by D.W.E.L.P. and Kingston Council at such great expense? It does not blend into the landscape as building along the foreshore are supposed to do.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th July 2023


Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Report Booklet
Newspaper article (CMM News). Council address effects of rising sea levels.
MBCL letter to Council stating we want 3 for 1 replacement of trees removed.

Kingston Council Update (Foreshore & Bushland)

Bushland & Foreshore Team:

  •  19 Tarella Rd – permit has been granted, neighbour fencing has been completed, house demolition will commence on the week of 11th July and all things going well the park fencing will be installed early August. The Bushland crew will also be out in force in the coming weeks to start works on the path network and preparing the site for opening.
  • Wilson Grove Bioswale on the Aspendale foreshore has been completed, with the foreshore crew erecting two new fenced walkways and planting 2300 plants to start dune stabilisation.
  • The free tree giveaway was a fantastic success with just under 5000 tube stock collected by Kingston residents.
  • The western boardwalk through the Epsom Grasslands which was scheduled for removal in May/June has been delayed due to wet weather, but will get underway as soon as the ground dries up a little bit.
  • The foreshore crew is set to expand in the coming months with the addition of two crew members. This will allow two teams to operate along the foreshore and increase focus on conservation works in priority sites.

Friends of Bradshaw Bushland Reserve

LXRP have heard our concerns about flora, fauna and works in meetings and emails:

  • BBR itself is unlikely to be impacted by works;
  • landscaping species will be consistent with BBR vegetation types (from viewing them and lists);
  • rail corridor flora identified and rescued;
  • significant trees north of BBR to remain;
  • will coordinate with BBR on fauna habitat boxes;
  • shared path on west side of railway (avoid remnant vegetation beside BBR on eastern side), to continue across the railway to White St;
  • have met twice with the Construction Liaison Community Group on equipment storage, works, water table unaffected, grounding of cables, etc.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th June 2023


Australian Conservation Foundation, Wilderness Society, Bushtracks, Stop Rogue Logging,
Stop the Great Wall of Frankston, Sustainable Population Australia, Kingston Your City, Beacon, Birdlife Australia

Heritage Council have determined that the Mordialloc Water Tower be on the Heritage list.
Port Phillip CC – August 16th at Convention Centre. Forum held by DEECA to showcase the activities delivered under the Port Phillip Bay Environmental Management Plan 2017 -2027 and projects being funded through the Port Phillip Bay Fund. J Warfe will send link to book.
Wayne Imlach reported that the area around Sailing Club had been cleaned up around the lone Casuarina at their working bee.

Kingston Council Update (Foreshore & Bushland)

Brad Lewis has taken over Emily Boucher’s role temporarily. Lee James will take over in the mean time.
Planting on the northern side at the mouth of the creek was done by Council. Yet to know who will be planting on the southern side.
There will be an update on the 2018 Biodiversity Strategy.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd May 2023

Kingston Council Update (Foreshore & Bushland)

Coastal Management Plan has been endorsed.


Great work being done to remove Marram grass thanks to the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action grant for weed removal.
Mentone Life Saving Club open. Still landscaping and drainage work to be completed. Midden is protected.
Kilbreda College students have been active in weed control.
Carrum Life Saving Club. Sand has shifted and accumulated. Grass planting to stabilize.
End of Mordialloc Pier. Work completed. Council will be replanting.
Kingston Heath. Successful native plant give away.
Wayne Imlach asked about planting and the treated pine posts near Mordialloc Sailing Club.


Bradshaw Bushland Reserve. Breeding boxes for birds and bats to be installed.
Liveable Communities, Liveable Waterways Program. Grant to clean up south side of creek on south side between Mordialloc SC and Wells Rd bridge and other sites in Kingston.
New Conservation Manager – Tania Calder (check). Plans to reinvigorate the Friends Groups. Planning on holding 6 activities this year.
Kingston Your City – article on Foreshore vandalism.
There will be an upcoming new policy regarding dogs on/off leash.

Questions for Brad

George Woods Reserve where the path and vegetated areas are eroding and tree roots exposed after widening of the path and spraying of lawn edges followed by excessive foot and wheeled traffic wearing the path and vegetated beds away.
Peter Scullin Playspace. Brad to check out concerns.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th April 2023


Playspace – Peter Scullin Res
The Great Wall of Frankston
Vic National parks – Western Port
Wetland Warbler
Age 25/3 Council address effects of rising sea levels
Kingston Info Bulletin – new footpaths
The Beacon

MBCL Website

Minutes of meetings are on the web site, but only issues discussed. No Treasurers report.

Kingston Housing Strategy

Judy and Rosemary have presented. Nina tomorrow (Environment & amenity impacts, heritage)
All those who have presented will have the opportunity to make recommendations to Council. It can still be amended before it goes to State Government. Well done ladies!
Discussion on Bridge Hotel’s plans to expand.
Decided to write a letter to Federal Govt re Population sustainability and Housing density.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st March 2023


Letter on ‘ Incremental creep’ to Councillors
Letters to Council regarding foreshore planting

Kingston Residents Association

Zoom Meeting tonight. Topic – Urban Forest Strategy. Submissions due this Friday.

Replacement of Foreshore Banksias

There will be only 4 Banksias planted at Parkdale Yacht Club not 12. The remainder to be planted elsewhere, but not on Foreshore.

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