Letter to the Premier, Hon. Dr. Denis Napthine – RE: Macarthur Wind Farm

Saturday 20th April 2013,
Letter to:

Hon. Dr. Denis Napthine,
Premier of Victoria,
Level 1, 1 Treasury Place,
Melbourne, VIC 3002

Dear Premier,
Congratulations for supporting the 140-turbine Macarthur wind farm in your electorate. I hope, as the Herald Sun reported last week that you truly believe “those opportunities should be pursued at every opportunity.”

Can you please now support households going solar by improving subsidies but also negotiating better feed-in-tariff terms, which are at the moment so low to be almost negligible. There is also a lot of inequity between those households who are trying to ‘do their bit’ because depending on when you were able to afford solar panels the feed-in tariff varies considerably.

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Enquiry to the Climate Change Committee

Letter to:

Mark Dreyfus,
Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency,
Shop 6, Parkmore Shopping Centre,
Cheltenham Road,
Keysborough. 3173.

Dear Sir,

The State Liberal Government abandoned the closure of one of Australia’s dirtiest brown coal power plants thus abandoning the legislated state target of a 20% cut in carbon dioxide emissions this decade. The State Government has also embarked on an aggressive expansion of exploration licenses for the brown coal industry into some of Victoria’s most spectacular natural environments – Ninety Mile Beach, Gippsland Lakes and the Strezlecki Ranges.

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Global Warming and Port Phillip Bay

Author:  Mary Rimington
Date:  10 October 2001
Submission:  An edited extract from the MBCL Submission to the Kingston Planning Scheme (Amendment C8)

Although there has been in excess of thirty years of warnings of the impact of global warming and climate change on the heavily populated coastal fringes of Port Phillip Bay, especially from Aspendale to Patterson River, no attempt has been made to curtail development on the eastern most vulnerable side of Port Phillip Bay.

Two of Australia’s internationally renowned scientists, both previously based at the CSIRO Atmospheric Research Centre located in Aspendale, Dr Graeme Pearman and Dr Barrie Pittock were issuing warnings of climate change impacts in 1986.  The scientists’ warnings were heeded by the former City of Chelsea, who produced their own Greenhouse Strategy Report in November 1990.

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