Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th December 1993

Bradshaw Park

With the help of the Grant money work is proceeding to gradually remove exotic trees. Council has installed a watering system which makes this task much easier. Friends of Braeside were involved with the Snapper Festival on Sunday November 14th. Plants were sold and the bus tour group were given an insight into the specialised nature of the work involved in maintaining indigenous plants in the park. Mr David Bainbridge and the Friends group are to be congratulated on the excellent work carried out so far.

Braeside Park

The Snapper Festival tour group were given a barbecue luncheon and a guided tour of the park by the rangers on Sunday 14th November. Land to the west of the freeway reservation is to be sold and sub-divided for an industrial estate. The freeway reservation will not be changed despite an undertaking given by Mr Mark Birrel when Shadow Minister for Conservation that this would be done when the Liberal Government was elected.

Mentone Lifesaving Club Extension

Objections have been lodged to the construction of tea rooms on this site because of the possibility of extension of the car park in the future to cater for beachgoers as well as tearoom customers. This will create further pressure on the fragile foreshore environment.

Carpark / Dixon Street Toilet Block

Following an on-site inspection with the City Engineer, 15th December, a compromise decision was reached in which tea-tree would be removed near the toilet block but the banksias and casuarinas would remain. Tea tree along the Beach Road fence would not be removed. The Engineer gave an undertaking that tea tree on the beach /cliff top side of the path would not be clipped to reduce their height.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 9th November 1993

The Spunner Pavilion, Mentone

A planning permit has been sought to add a kiosk/tea room to the Mentone Lifesaving Club. This will involve additional parking in Beach Road or in side streets. The “sails” on the upper balcony will be visually intrusive and will be seen as far away as Rickett’s Point. It is understood that residents have lodged objections as well as MBCL and the PPCC.

The Gordes Report / Beaumaris Park

MBCL are still awaiting an answer from Sandringham Natural Environment Group indicating whether they would be willing to co-operatively plan the foreshore from Rickett’s Point to Charman Road, Mordialloc with the City of Mordialloc. C. King will contact the City Engineer to see if they will with hold work in the park until a management plan has been completed.

The Agnew Report

A comprehensive report was presented to the committee outlining the work of Parkdale Research. The report claimed that an artificial reef of car tyres has been built off Carrum. This contravenes Environmental policy for the Bay. A new strain of mussel has been detected in the Bay as a result of ballast release. Glen spoke at one of the Braeside workshops organised by Bay Rescue during October. The workshops were very successful with 60 people in attendance.

Pollution of Mordialloc Creek

Enquiries to the Acting City Engineer about the regularity or otherwise of reports to Council concerning creek water analysis were unsatisfactory. It may be necessary to contact Melbourne Water to see if copies of the latest tests are available.
Scott Seymour of Melbourne Water states that it will require millions of dollars to remedy the problem of leachates from the Clarke Road rubbish tip entering drains in Braeside and then Mordialloc Creek.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th October 1993

Mordialloc Creek Landscape Plans

An objection was lodged with the Responsible Authority concerning the proposal to extend the avenue of Canary Island Palms into Beach Road, Mordialloc. The grounds for objection were the excessive cost of buying and planting palms, the traffic hazard on the corner of Beach Road, Council has a successful policy of planting native species on the foreshore and the the avenue of palms in Main street were planted as a memorial to WW1 soldiers. A landmark or memorial loses its impact if it is spread too far.
C. King voiced the League’s reasons for objecting at the meeting 6-10-93 at the Allan Maclean Hall.

Extension of the Promenade from Bay Street to Rennison Street

C. King foreshadowed the League’s reasons for objecting to this costly proposal at the meeting, 6-10-93.

Reasons are as follows:-

  • The project will cost at least $450.000
  • There is no need for a third path on this narrow strip of foreshore
  • The high promenade wall and lights will obstruct the view of Beach Road residents
  • Sand and glass on the promenade will require Council staff to spend a large part of their time clearing the paths.
  • Severe storms could cause erosion of the promenade and sand re-nourishment programs are too costly to finance.

The Agnew Report

The cost of purchasing suitable equipment for underwater work was outlined. A VOX (Voice Operated Transmitter) would be a useful tool for recording findings.
It was decided to ask Mordialloc Council if they are receiving up to date analysis of creek water and if so could the League obtain this information.

Snapper Festival

MBCL will have stall on the foreshore on Nov.13th. Ideas for the day and offers of assistance would be appreciated. Bay Rescue have informed us that a Coast Walk has been planned by a Sydney person. The Walk organisers plan to arrive * in Mordialloc on Saturday 13th Nov. The League has been asked if we can supply a member to walk from Cromer Road to the Pier with the group to inform those * involved of highlights and problems. Any takers???
The Coast Walk will commence at St Kilda and conclude in Sydney.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th September 1993

Bradshaw Park

The tools and watering system which were required to maintain the Park have been supplied by Council.

Braeside Park

A Vic Roads engineer reports that the Minister Mark Birrell has asked that consideration be given to eliminating the freeway altogether and to concentrate on upgrading Boundary Road. However if the freeway is eliminated this may give Springvale Council the opportunity to extend the industrial estate towards the Park. This would not be in the best interest of Braeside Park,

The Gordes Report Beaumaris Park

MBCL members met with Keith Rendall, Beaumaris Conservation Society and Lisa Carty, Sandringham Nursery Bushland Supervisor in Beaumaris Park and discussed the possibility of Sandringham and Mordialloc Council working together to formulate a Management Plan for the whole foreshore area in Beaumaris Bay.

Leachates, Mordialloc Creek

AAT approval has been given for Pioneer Concrete to operate a large tip adjacent to an existing tip despite objections from Oakleigh Council who will have to bear the cost of pollution control when the tip site is filled. Melbourne Water are unhappy about the decision.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th July 1993

Bradshaw Park

Council workers have repaired the broken fence and this may help to keep foxes out of the Park. The Friends intend to spend grant money on tools, hoses and best quality mulch.

Braeside Park

Still no reply to our letter to Hon. Mark Birrell re the proposed change to the freeway route through Braeside Park.
Staff have been cut. There are now no maintenance workers. Contract labour is being used.
The Friends of Braeside Park Newsletter development plan for the area.
reports the importance of a total

“…the water quality of the Braeside Wetlands depends on the water quality from the “Dingley drain”. After passing through Braeside Park, the water then enters the Mordialloc Creek.”

Dingley drain has carried leachates from a tip in the Springvale area.

Mordialloc Creek Leachate Problem

J.Com reports that their group has handed over their material to Nicola Seaman of PEAC. The League has asked PPCC to request an EES from the relevant authorities before further tips are established in the sand belt region with a high water table.
There is a need to create public awareness of this important issue. League members plan to contact the media at appropriate times to give maximum publicity to the contamination of groundwater and pollution of the streams and Bay.

Pedestrian Crossing Wells Road Bridge

The City Engineer, Mr Anthony Rijs reports that we should not expect to hear news of our proposal until after the Budget. He does however support the concept. of a safe pedestrian crossing on the Mordialloc side of the bridge.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st June 1993

Bradshaw Park

S. Calvert-Smith reported that Friends of Bradshaw Park are still awaiting the $3000 grant money.
The Friends have plans to extend the underground watering system to obviate the necessity of using the heavy above ground hoses. The group are applying to Council for a grant to finance the watering system

Braeside Park

Conservation Minister Mark Birrell has still not replied to our letter re the change of route for the proposed freeway, although plans are reputed to be drawn up for the change of route.
Rangers report that leachates are still entering the Braeside wetlands from a Springvale rubbish tip.

Mordialloc Creek Report May 1993

This report states that it is possible for leachates to enter Mordialloc Creek via the drains, Heatherton, Settlement, Dunlop and Dingley.
Brian Wallwork, EPA Industrial Waste Management, states that “Nothing much can be done about leachates from old filled tips which were not clay lined”!! Clearly this situation is far from satisfactory and will impact on Port Phillip Bay for years to come.
J.Com, who is liaising with Residents Against Proposed Rip Sites, reported that the EDO and Monash University Honours Graduates are prepared to take up this issue.

Snapper Festival

Virginia Carter of Bay Rescue outlined their Snapper Festival proposal and is seeking assistance from community groups in organising the Festival to take place over three days in October. The League is prepared to offer some assistance but we need to decide in what capacity that assistance is to be given. Amy ideas?????

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th May 1993

Bradshaw Park

Congratulations to the Friends of Bradshaw Park who successfully applied to Parks & Waterways for a grant of $3000 to re-vegetate the Park. The Friends intend to plant 600 native species in the area. A report appeared in the local press together with a photo of the Mayor Hazel Pierce planting a tree.

Braeside Park

The Minister for Conservation, Mark Birrell has not yet replied to our letter asking him if he still adhered to his statement, October 7th, 1990 at a picnic organised at Braeside Park by the League, that “there was support for a much larger part of the park being saved and the freeway easement being shifted towards the area’s western boundary.” However we understand that after having flown over the proposed route he has directed that the route be moved towards the west which will include an additional 50 hectares in the park!

Mordialloc Creek Wetlands

A proposal by the Society for Growing Native Plants that Governor Road be built over the proposed freeway has been accepted by Vic Roads. This will enable the Braeside wetlands to go under Governor Road onto the Haines’s property part of which will also become a wetland. A pedestrian/bike path will be constructed under Governor Road.

The Agnew Report

Algae bloom is still in evidence in Port Phillip Bay. A conductivity metre would be useful in testing water temperature. The metre costs $200.
Glen as the League’s delegate to the PPCC was unhappy with the reception which his MBCL report received from the Secretary of the PPCC, G.Goode. Glen attempted to warn delegates of the effectf leachates from the tipping sites in Spring- vale, Heatherton and Dingley is having on Port Phillip Bay. A letter has been sent to G.Goode expressing our concern at the summary dismissal of the report. The League has since received a Melbourne Water report which confirms that leachates are entering the creek via drains running through the tipping sites.
A letter will be sent to the City Engineer asking when signs will be erected on Mordialloc North beach warning people not swim near the pier because of pollution entering the Bay from Mordialloc Creek.

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