Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th September 1993

Bradshaw Park

The tools and watering system which were required to maintain the Park have been supplied by Council.

Braeside Park

A Vic Roads engineer reports that the Minister Mark Birrell has asked that consideration be given to eliminating the freeway altogether and to concentrate on upgrading Boundary Road. However if the freeway is eliminated this may give Springvale Council the opportunity to extend the industrial estate towards the Park. This would not be in the best interest of Braeside Park,

The Gordes Report Beaumaris Park

MBCL members met with Keith Rendall, Beaumaris Conservation Society and Lisa Carty, Sandringham Nursery Bushland Supervisor in Beaumaris Park and discussed the possibility of Sandringham and Mordialloc Council working together to formulate a Management Plan for the whole foreshore area in Beaumaris Bay.

Leachates, Mordialloc Creek

AAT approval has been given for Pioneer Concrete to operate a large tip adjacent to an existing tip despite objections from Oakleigh Council who will have to bear the cost of pollution control when the tip site is filled. Melbourne Water are unhappy about the decision.

Local Conservation Strategy Plan

The City Engineer in his reply to our letter requesting that consideration be given to preparing a plan seems to suggest that MBCL and the Reserves and Park Committee prepare a Plan to present to Council! Ideas could be drawn from both Springvale and Sandringham LCSPs. In view of recent Council proposals such as the plan to extend the promenade to Rennison Street and to use part of the George Woods Reserve at the creek for a soccer oval it is imperative that a plan be prepared in order to preserve the remnants of public open space in the municipality.

Snapper Festival Report

Bay Rescue’s problem in acquiring funding from Mordialloc Council may now be resolved. MBCL will prepare material for a conservation stall possibly featuring pollution problems in the creek and Bay.

The Agnew Report

31-8-93 Sunday Dive reveals:-
Sea urchin population dispersed
Fish population down on last count
Silt and mud extend through the Horse Paddaock area. Huge silt deposit now apparent. Fishermen report “No fish in the Bay”

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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