Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th October 1993

Mordialloc Creek Landscape Plans

An objection was lodged with the Responsible Authority concerning the proposal to extend the avenue of Canary Island Palms into Beach Road, Mordialloc. The grounds for objection were the excessive cost of buying and planting palms, the traffic hazard on the corner of Beach Road, Council has a successful policy of planting native species on the foreshore and the the avenue of palms in Main street were planted as a memorial to WW1 soldiers. A landmark or memorial loses its impact if it is spread too far.
C. King voiced the League’s reasons for objecting at the meeting 6-10-93 at the Allan Maclean Hall.

Extension of the Promenade from Bay Street to Rennison Street

C. King foreshadowed the League’s reasons for objecting to this costly proposal at the meeting, 6-10-93.

Reasons are as follows:-

  • The project will cost at least $450.000
  • There is no need for a third path on this narrow strip of foreshore
  • The high promenade wall and lights will obstruct the view of Beach Road residents
  • Sand and glass on the promenade will require Council staff to spend a large part of their time clearing the paths.
  • Severe storms could cause erosion of the promenade and sand re-nourishment programs are too costly to finance.

The Agnew Report

The cost of purchasing suitable equipment for underwater work was outlined. A VOX (Voice Operated Transmitter) would be a useful tool for recording findings.
It was decided to ask Mordialloc Council if they are receiving up to date analysis of creek water and if so could the League obtain this information.

Snapper Festival

MBCL will have stall on the foreshore on Nov.13th. Ideas for the day and offers of assistance would be appreciated. Bay Rescue have informed us that a Coast Walk has been planned by a Sydney person. The Walk organisers plan to arrive * in Mordialloc on Saturday 13th Nov. The League has been asked if we can supply a member to walk from Cromer Road to the Pier with the group to inform those * involved of highlights and problems. Any takers???
The Coast Walk will commence at St Kilda and conclude in Sydney.

Other Business

MBCL has been invited to comment/object to the following Applications for Planning Permits:-

  • Lighting around the Scullin Reserve
  • Alterations to the Dixon Street toilet/cutting foreshore vegetation.
  • Extensions to the Mentone Lifesaving Club which would include tearooms.

Important Questions to be Considered

Applications for Project Funding
A Local Conservation Strategy Plan
Nominating Beaumaris Cliffs for National Heritage Listing
Green Wedge / Chris King volunteered to inspect the plan at Springvale Council. A letter will be written to Mr Birrell seeking his Govts current position on the Green Wedge.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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