Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd August 1993


Correspondence received from:-

  • Rod Atkinson MHR re essay competition
  • Deptartment of Trade & Industry, Environmental Division, United Kingdom
  • Draft Water Pollution Control in the Mordialloc Creek, DVA/Westernport Catchment, July 1993, EPA
  • Enforcement Policy EPA 1993
  • Marine and Coastal Special Investigation, Descriptive Report Land Conservation Council Calling for submissions.

Bradshaw Park

Helpers are urgently required on August 14,1993, to help spread mulch in the Park. A sign from Parks & Waterways has arrived and is to be erected to inform the public of the progress of the project.

Mordialloc Creek Landscape Plan

MBCL was invited to comment on the creek landscape plans. In our submission we strongly objected to the proposal to plant an avenue of Canary Island palms from Nepean Hwy to the Centreway on Beach Road because this contradicts Council’s successful policy of planting indigenous species as a means of creating an environment unique to Mordialloc. Proposed lighting along the creek should be uniform.

Beaumaris Park

League fears about the work being carried out by the LEAP personnel in the Park have been unfortunately justified. Clearing low and dead tea-tree branches and disturbance of the soil will preclude natural re-vegetation of the area. A meeting has been arranged on Wednesday 25th August to discuss the work. The meeting will be in the Beaumaris Park at 4pm, near the Charman Road corner.

Local Conservation Strategy Plan

There has been no response as yet from the City Engineer concerning our request that he consider a plan for the City of Mordialloc. It is important that a plan be developed in order that situations like those outlined above do not develop.

Mordialloc Creek Leachate Pollution

Articles in both the Oakleigh Springvale Times and the Moorabbin Standard now openly report that leachates are finding their way into the Creek via storm water drains (from the old filled tips). Your secretary was asked to speak at a local ALP meeting about the problem of leachates from tips contaminating the groundwater. Students have also requested material for VCE and University thesis. Unfortunately Mordialloc Chelsea News has not to date printed articles about this latest Creek pollution problem.
Oakleigh Council, Moorabbin Airport and Nissan Industry have all objected at an AAT Appeal to any expansion of waste disposal in sand quarries in the Oakleigh region.

The passing of the Further Amendments Bill by the State Government will have a drastic effect on residents and community groups attempting to protect their environment. We need your support if some fine work over the years is not to be lost.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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