Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd February 1993

Bradshaw Park

Work in Bradshaw Park is proceeding satisfactorily. The Friends group have prepared a new map and information sheet for use by students or visitors to the park.

Parkdale Foreshore Erosion Control / Planing

The plantings are flourishing after heavy summer rain although in places where the water has accumulated some plants have not survived.

Mordialloc Foreshore Landscaping

After a meeting of the Foreshore Steering Committee at the Council Chambers on January 20th, D. Digby was asked to prepare a plan for the foreshore and Scullin Reserve area which would comprise of indigenous species only rather than Norfolk Island pines as was previously suggested by Council staff. Thanks to sterling work by R. Pearson, the plan for indigenous plants only was accepted by the whole Council! Well done!

Mordialloc Foreshore Kiosk / Restaurant

Richard Frank finally responded to our letter pointing out that tea trees and banksias, if let to grow would enhance the view (and also conceal the ugly beach-side restaurant facade). However, there is no evidence in his letter that he has seen the light and will leave the vegetation to grow naturally. The City Engineer has been asked to advise us if there is to be further mutilation of the trees.
Richard Frank has also applied to alter the Mordialloc Planning Scheme so that liquor can be served without food from 7.00 am to 1.00 am the following day, in an area within the restaurant especially set aside for that purpose.
We have the opportunity to comment on the proposal. If members approve, our comments would be that we consider the trading hours excessive, the sale of liquor without food should be confined to the 38m2 bar area and not extend out to and beyond the terrace, there should be no sale of liquor to be taken away and consumed off the premises and overall seating capacity should not be increased beyond the present 100 seats.
Signage for the restaurant/kiosk is under discussion in Council. The League will be given the chance to comment on the size of signs proposed. At present there is to be a flag with logo from the flag pole on the roof, an illuminated sign above the entrance and a small sign near the entrance to the Scullin Reserve. The Ministry for Conservation document, “Siting & Design Guidelines for Structures on the Port Phillip Coast” states:-
“Signs should be concentrated at particular locations where they will have least impact on the landscape.” and “Signs should not generally be higher than the roofline of adjacent buildings or vegetation or be moving or consist of flashing lights.”

Braeside Park

There have been reports that Vic Roads is planning to move the freeway to the East and therefore closer to the Braeside wetlands which is an undesirable move. The League, in 1990 organised a picnic in Braeside Park to alert people to a proposal to sell land adjacent to the park. At that meeting the Shadow Minister for Conservation, Mark Birrell, stated that “There is popular support for a much larger part of the park being saved and the freeway easement being shifted towards the area’s western boundary.
A letter has been sent to Mark Birrell asking him if he stands by his 1990 statement.

Heathpark Development

Carrum Resident Action Group has been successful in persuading the developer to modify his plans which now include an eighteen hole golf course next to the wetlands. The canal development plans for Heathpark have been withdrawn therefore & Ashton has agreed to CRAG’s modifications.

Mordialloc Creek

Following record heavy rain in January and February the creek and beach water has been exceptionally dirty. It is possible that leachates from tips and sand quarries has entered the creek from the many drains in the catchment area. DVA/Melbourne Water have informed us that they have been checking Heatherton drain. Settlement drain will also be checked. John Scholes of the DVA has been asked if he can send us a copy of the GHD report on the DSWB (sewage plant.)

Mayor’s Community Day

March 28th is the community day. We will have the usual stall with plants, leaflets and paintings. Assistance from members will be welcome.

Wetlands / Theme / Fun Park

An interesting little item from The Examiner, 2-2-93!!!
“The people who propose to build the theme park on the corner of Springvale and Hammond Roads should think again after Wednesday. The back section of the land had become part of Mordialloc Creek.”
This was after 40 mm of rain had fallen in the Springvale area in 30 minutes!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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