Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st June 1993

Bradshaw Park

S. Calvert-Smith reported that Friends of Bradshaw Park are still awaiting the $3000 grant money.
The Friends have plans to extend the underground watering system to obviate the necessity of using the heavy above ground hoses. The group are applying to Council for a grant to finance the watering system

Braeside Park

Conservation Minister Mark Birrell has still not replied to our letter re the change of route for the proposed freeway, although plans are reputed to be drawn up for the change of route.
Rangers report that leachates are still entering the Braeside wetlands from a Springvale rubbish tip.

Mordialloc Creek Report May 1993

This report states that it is possible for leachates to enter Mordialloc Creek via the drains, Heatherton, Settlement, Dunlop and Dingley.
Brian Wallwork, EPA Industrial Waste Management, states that “Nothing much can be done about leachates from old filled tips which were not clay lined”!! Clearly this situation is far from satisfactory and will impact on Port Phillip Bay for years to come.
J.Com, who is liaising with Residents Against Proposed Rip Sites, reported that the EDO and Monash University Honours Graduates are prepared to take up this issue.

Snapper Festival

Virginia Carter of Bay Rescue outlined their Snapper Festival proposal and is seeking assistance from community groups in organising the Festival to take place over three days in October. The League is prepared to offer some assistance but we need to decide in what capacity that assistance is to be given. Amy ideas?????

Mordialloc Foreshore

The owners of the restaurant/kiosk on the foreshore are now asking Council to provide carpet to reduce the noise level inside the building. They are also seeking permission to have three 10 metre tall light poles erected in front of the building to floodlight the foreshore. The cost of erecting the light poles and the cost of lighting will be borne by Council (or ratepayers) The poles will add to the visual pollution on the foreshore and will be in direct conflict with Ministry policy as outlined in Guidelines for Structures on Port Phillip Bay. There is no precedent for lighting of this type on the foreshore.

Beaumaris Park

Because of concern about the method proposed for clearing weeds from the Park an inspection was arranged through the City Engineer for R. Pearson and the Parks and Gardens Superintendent to meet and decide on a method of operation which would do least harm to native grass and young indigenous trees. The decision reached was for David Bainbridge to be allowed to identify significant species before the whipper snipper boys began their offensive. Important plants could be staked or marked to prevent destruction. Thanks once again to R. Pearson Diplomat extraordinaire.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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