Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th May 2014

Mordialloc Creek

Friends of Mordialloc Creek carried out plantings 3rd May on north bank of the creek on the former Living Links site. Grasses, rushes and shrubs were planted thanks to a Melbourne Water grant. On the 28th May Kingston Council, in cooperation with local Aborigines, organised a Heritage walk along the creek banks. Unfortunately there have been two large fires in industrial sites on the north bank of the creek during April and May. The April fire, in the Bolwell factory in Wells Road, involved toxic plastic fumes spreading over south eastern suburbs and water used in extinguishing the fire flowing into the creek across the road from the factory. In May two factories in Canterbury Road, in the industrial area on the north side of the creek, would have also resulted in water from dousing the fire flowing into the creek via Dunlop’s drain.

Beach Pollution

Port Phillip Baykeeper, Neil Blake spoke to environment groups during the May meeting of KCEC about the need for ‘citizen scientists’, otherwise known as volunteers, to help researchers collect plastics from beaches in Melbourne as part of a study that will investigate how micro-organisms interact with plastic pollutants in coastal marine habitats.

Beaumaris Fossil Cliffs and Sea Ledges

While Judy continues work on a submission to include the fossil cliffs and sea ledges on the Victorian Heritage List, palaeontologists around Australia are voicing concern over what they see as a lack of protection for significant fossil deposits in Australia. These concerns are echoed by Dr Eric Fitzgerald, Senior Curator Museum of Victoria. (Age Maay 24, 2014)

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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