Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd December 2014

Beaumaris Cliffs and Sea Ledges

The finalised version of the submission requesting Heritage listing of the fossil cliffs and sea ledges was finally dispatched to Heritage Victoria early November only to be told that reference to historic, scientific and/or Aboriginal occupation of an area was not accepted under Heritage Victoria criterion.  Apparently Criteria E applies almost entirely to the built environment!  However we were invited to reapply on an A4 page, confining the application to the work of the Heidelberg School of painters who worked in the area resulting in the famous painting of the Beaumaris Cliffs, Slumbering Sea by Tom Roberts, now hanging permanently in Victoria’s National Gallery.  Dr Tim Flannery and Dr Eric Fitzgerald, Museum of Victoria, are featured in the series Coasts Australia discussing the importance of the fossils found in the sea ledges, which will disappear under tonnes of concrete if the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron is given approval to expand.

Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site of International Significance

Discover the rich fossil history on our doorstep –  at Ricketts Point, Beaumaris Lifesaving club, Sunday 22nd February 2015, 12pm-3pm. Bring your fossils for identification!  Speakers include Professor Tim Flannery, DR Eric Fitzgerald, Palaeontologist Museum of Victoria, Professor John Buckeridge, RMIT University.  Free event!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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