Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th February 2014

Beaumaris Yacht Building.

Bayside City Council is seeking community views on a proposal for extra uses of the Beaumaris Yacht Club building. The Council appears to be following a trend emerging around Port Phillip Bay where local Lifesaving Clubs are having new premises built and intend to make provision for ‘extra uses’ such as a Marine Education Science and Community Center. At present, Frankston, Seaford, Carrum (and soon Mordialloc) Lifesaving clubs have grand new buildings all of which are offering ‘Coastal research and education centres.’ As Beaumaris Conservation Society states:
“The narrow foreshore around Port Phillip Bay has not increased in area since it was established in the 19th Century but pressures on the foreshore are increasing as the population increases.” This applies to all yachting and lifesaving clubs on the eastern side of the Bay – also the most vulnerable coastline because of sever gales which continually erode the foreshore. Climate change will bring fresh challenges to infrastructure around the Bay.

Bay Trail

The saga of the Bay Trail continues. Dec 16 Council Agenda announced that there would be consultation until Feb 21 2014 concerning the Bay Trail to be built back-of-kerb similar to the just completed Bayside bike trail. This was good news. Something that MBCL had been struggling to persuade Kingston planners to adopt for approx eight years.
Aerial coloured photos of the trail, however, didn’t clearly reveal that parallel car parking on the gravel verge would continue even though VicRoads and the current Transport Minister had agreed that the gravel verge could be incorporated into bike path to reduce the amount of foreshore vegetation that would have to be removed to accommodate the bike path. Requests to see detailed plans of the bike path have been denied to MBCL and others requesting information about the trail. There has been no consultation other than those who have a vested interest in maintaining parking on the gravel verge i.e the Mentone Lifesaving Club and residents living along Beach Road who want vegetation removed to improve “their” views.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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